History of Beauty

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History of BeautyHistory of Beauty. If you believe that modern beauty and fashion industry has began with 20th Century, than you are wrong. Don’t think that inspiration has come only from our environment or our neighborhood. The history of beauty and the need for expressing the beauty began a lot ago before us. All great creators of the fashion industry. Have been inspired by the experience that old civilizations have left it. Imagine only how authentic people would dress up in the ancient Egypt, Japan, India. And many other Oriental and Middle East countries.

Their expression with a lot of colors. Beautiful fabrics that they produced by themselves and all hand-made. That was priceless. Very often, different clothes, colors and fabrics represented actually the different class and layer that one had belonged. Everyone will associate the way Pharaohs looked like, for instance or the Chinese Emperors. Egyptians were so highly developed that they had cosmetics, jewels, even carried wigs. So, do you still believe that we. The people of the 20th and 21st century have invented everything we have today?

It is been awhile since we haven’t offered you some quiz game. This is one of the quiz games that we offer you on hidden4fun. We are not going to bother you with some very difficult area and knowledge. This time, you need to use some imagination and logic. We are representing different screens of epochs and civilizations. Like Egypt, India, China and others. You will receive questions connected to the fashion in some certain period. If you answer correctly on the question, you will continue the game furthermore. If not, you will need to replay the level. Enjoy and have fun.

History of Beauty is a free hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.