Hidden Valley Game

Hidden Valley Hidden Valley. Juhuuu, again there is another amazing hidden object game, spiced up with some extra levels.The story used as a plot of the game is about an expedition that arrives on an abandoned island. This group is consisted of many adventurists that travel all around the world in order to find some interesting places and this abandoned island was something that impressed them most.

All members of the crew were fascinated by the natural beauties of this island that much that they decided to start building habitats there. They were so amazed by the surroundings there, so they developed this great wish was to settle there and to create conditions for life. Well this wish is quite serious and it asks for a serious dedication in order to build something.

That’s why they need a lot of energy and that energy could be earned on a very interesting way – passing through a hidden object level. Only that level could give them enough strength for building. Besides this hidden object level, the game also includes a bonus level – match three, which means that there will be a lot of excitement taking part in this expedition. You could also understand your role in this game as little bit cosmogenic since you take part in creating a new world, a better world. Let’s roll our sleeves up and start working right away because there is a lot that needs to be done.

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