Hidden Valley 3 Game

Hidden Valley 3 Hidden Valley 3. You may remember from the previous sequences of the game but let’s remind you a bit again. This girl had an idea to make her island popular and attract many people to live there. It is about a hidden valley that is in truth a wonderful place to live. So for a certain period of time she is investing in this place. Wanting to use the natural resources making something unique and remarkable. And it seems that she is on the right track because there are numerous people interested in coming to this place and spending the rest of their lives there.

Since this number is becoming bigger and bigger from day to day, Helen has a new mission now – to prepare the place for the new district where those new inhabitants will settle. To achieve that, Helen is organizing a sell of valuable objects in order to collect enough money and improve the living conditions. This is again a very challenging mission for Helen but she is persistent in her decisions so it is quite sure that she will make everything to be in a perfect order.

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