Hidden Universe Game

Hidden Universe Hidden Universe. We all want to have control over something and we all have have it over something in our life. Even little children have control of some things, some of them have power over their friends, some over their parents or the tasks at school. But control and power over the world is what makes people dangerous and that is kind of control and power that threatens people’s life. Some people become possessed with the desire for control and power and turn themselves into evil, cruel and wicked persons. But on the other side there are honest, fair and good people and those are the people who are going to defend us and fight for us. And thanks to those people there is balance in the universe and there will always be.

Hidden Universe. And this is what our mystery game will offer, a battle between the good and evil. In an old, abandoned building the New York police department discovers secret, hidden laboratory, where a group of ‘Crazy’, quantum physicist make experiments where they split extra the atom and place the electrons to circle in a ‘harmonic’ position around the atom.

The police finds out that this dangerous group of physicist is very close to succeed in their awful experiment. The physicists from all over the world think that if someone ever succeed in this than he will be the one who will have the ultimate power and can rule the world. Therefore the police wants to put this dangerous experiment under control. They arrive into the Secret Laboratory and start their investigation. If you are one of the good people and want to help the battle against the evil they you will enjoy our game. Have fun!

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