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Hidden Testament Hidden Testament. Living in big family is interesting, is joyful. Your brothers and sisters are the closest people you will ever have. They are here for you, for the good and the bad. But, very often, and that is so sad and very startling, when there comes the time for the common property of the family to be shared, divided, than the real face of the human nature shows on the top. And that is one of the most disgusting thing that can really happen to a family and siblings that have been like one with years and with decades. Money-grabbers can destroy whole families and no, that does not happen only in movies.

For few acres on their name, they give up from all the love and memories and end up like enemies, not like the best friends that share the same blood. That is one of the saddest human stories that could happen to someone. Especially if we have cases like rich families with bigger properties, than the mess becomes even greater. There are smart people that decide to leave their testaments on time and then the heirs can’t do anything to change that will.

The oldest member of the Carter’s family, Mr. Richard Carter has passed away on a sudden last week. He is the legal owner of whole of his property, including the few corn fields. Mister Carter has hidden his will, but he has hidden it, thinking that one day he will gather the whole family and will show it to them. Richard has passed away and no one really knows where the will actually is. His son Jacob and the daughter Luisa have decided together with the rest of the members of the family to start the pursuit of the hidden and very important document. Good luck!

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