Hidden Taste Game

Hidden Taste Hidden Taste. Everyone loves to have a meal in some fancy restaurant. When it comes about a restaurant that follows the trends, usually it’s not just about following fashion but that restaurant usually keeps certain quality and therefore it has become famous. If the food and the service are bad, the restaurant won’t last for long, simple as that. The owner of the place could fool few persons but the bad voice travels fast, so soon everyone will know that the place doesn’t deserve its repute. However, sometimes those things happen spontaneously. Just like that, the owner could not follow the trends so his restaurant becomes less attractive, even though the general quality of the place is not that bad.

Something like this has happen to the famous restaurant ‘Hidden Taste’. It was a very nice place before but at this moment it definitely needs a new spirit, someone that could bring back old shine and make it as attractive as it was before. Monica is actually the new owner of this restaurant. She took the responsibility to be in charge for the place. She should bring it back to the previous rank but at the same time needs to leave her own mark on the food and the whole service.

Monica works a lot to achieve success in the restaurant and today is actually her first official day at work. She has decided to prepare one of her best recipes, called ‘Soul Food.’ However, every chief needs some help so Monica will be very happy if you help her make the recipe as good as possible.

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