Hidden History Game

Hidden History Hidden History. Meet Alessia, this lovely young woman coming from Italy. A girl full with enthusiasm and huge wish to learn and discover new things. Her enormous curiosity has always leaded her through her life. Both when choosing something in her professional and her personal life. That’s how she decided to become an archeologist. She is thrilled by the present. But she also believes that the answers of numerous questions of today have their answers somewhere deep in the past, being analogous to some past event. This young Italian archeologist has got her first more serious task. She has the luck to work on restoration of old monuments in Rome. This is her first bigger project so Alessia is very excited about it. Because she always believed that she will discover something important. Something that will have an important influence on the history of the world.

However, Alessia could not even imagine that while working on her first bigger project she will become one of the most famous persons in the world. Completely unexpected, in one small roman suburb, Alessia discovers the biggest statue from the great Julie Cesar! This is one of the greatest discoveries of today. Something that could be included in the classic Seven Wonders of the World, that big! Alessia could not believe in her eyes! She is the one that has seen this grandiose statue first. The one that will have the privilege to promote it before the whole world! Let’s see together what this discovery is about. Enjoy and have fun in playing Hidden History Game.

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