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Help from the FutureHelp from the Future. We are happy that today’s medicine is on a very high level so the doctors are able to cure us from most of the diseases. Maybe not all of them but we don’t have any troubles with high fevers for example like people before us. One of the revolutionary inventions of the 20th century was of course, the discovery of the penicillin that is a solution against many previously serious diseases, including infections caused by bacteria staphylococci and streptococci… The name of Alexander Fleming is related to the discovery of the penicillin even though before him there were scientists that were researching this subject as well.

The action of this game takes place in the 16th century, far before the discovery of the penicillin. In that time there were serious diseases that were very hard to handle and many times they managed to destroy whole cities and villages. Emma is a young girl that is interested in medicine and she was chosen by the other inhabitants of her village, to find a cure that will save the village from the disease that threatens the whole village.

Since she couldn’t find another solution for the problem, she decided to ask help from the local witch. This strange lady, thanks to her magic, sends Emma in the future, in the apartment of Alexander Fleming to steal the cure that could help her save numerous people.