Heart of Gold Game

Heart of GoldHeart of Gold. Rosaline is a girl that has spent her childhood as an orphanage, left in home for children without parents since she was very young. Life in the orphanage wasn’t that hard because people who worked there took care of the children as they were their own but still there is the fact that they weren’t their real parents so they have to go home after the shift is over… No family vacations, no family birthdays, no one to wish them luck on the first day at school, to share the thoughts about the first sympathies with… Those people were here but they weren’t real parents still…

Since she was a an abandoned child from the orphanage, Rosaline knows the life there and the destiny of those children very well but she had the luck and courage to successes in life, earning quite a lot of money and becoming completely independent person. Now she likes to help the orphanage children and taught them how to handle in life by their own. With an intention to teach them how to be more agile, Rosaline is organizing them one sort of a garage sale where they should sell their old objects in order to earn some money by their own. The conditions in the orphanage home are not that bad but they could always be better so Rosaline has organized the earned money from the garage sale to be donated to the orphanage, counting that they would be enough for renovating the children’s home.

We may realize that Rosaline has a heart of gold but why don’t we all show our humane side and help those children as well.

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