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Healthcare TeamHealthcare Team. When you are young and not so experienced in the thing you want to work, you need a good exercise and practice. No matter, what you are dealing with, weather it is some skill or some science, the road to success and entering some good team is not an easy one. People from theaters joke often by saying – It is the hard way to get to the Oscars. This especially means if you are dreaming of becoming a good doctor in any field you want. You should learn a lot, spend hours and hours without good payment, but gaining an experience and skill that can help in your establishing career.

And then, if you are good enough, you will get the chance to be a good doctor and advance your knowledge. And, no one says that this will happen overnight. It takes hours and days of studying and working, because only few people are masters in their work.

Healthcare Team. Doctor Martha Johnson and Doctor Richard Williamson are the principle doctors in St. Lewis hospital. They work with perfect team of doctors, nurses and medical technicians that all together are part of the ‘Healthcare’ team of this hospital. Our player is a doctor new employee in the team and he is put into test tasks so he could manage as soon as possible in the hospital. He will have to work with the whole team and to listen to their orders and demanding, all with one purpose – the hospital to function like there is no problem at all. If he succeeds to finish these obligations, he will be rewarded and will be assigned for a first assistant of one of the main doctors in the hospital. Try your best for our player to be satisfied and help him realize his lifetime dream.