Haunted Valley Game

Haunted Valley Haunted Valley. Imagine you find one day in a place where you cannot see anything else, but some scary mysterious wood and tall plants that never stop growing? This could be an interesting plot for horror movie, isn’t it? If you are an adventurer and maybe have already visited Africa or Asia, you have had a tremendous experience with the environment that lives you breathless. And now, try to imagine you get yourself into conditions where you don’t want to enter your house, because the wood is inside and some scary plant grows and nothing can stop it? It’s good that this is only fiction.

Haunted Valley. Valley Greenroad is one of the scariest valleys in the world. A lot of families lived here before, but that changed few years ago, one of the deadliest plants in the world started growing. It’s name was castor oil. This plant has been multiplying for so quickly that inhabitants of the area couldn’t stop it. Not only it grew outside, but it also entered their homes and the picture was terrible, like a real horror movie. In our game we have Gareth, the man who lived here before the horror began.

He wants to get back into his home and to find all the worthy stuff they have left in the house. He has to be cautious, because one small touch with this plan, can separate him with this world. Imagine how precise he has to be. Help him achieve the goal and safe his most wanted objects he has collected in years.

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