Happy Neighbors Game

Happy Neighbors Happy Neighbors. Perhaps everyone wishes that, a good neighborhood. That usually means a quiet neighborhood, a place that is safe and clean, that is placed in a nice area, but also a good neighborhood means good neighbors, nice people that perhaps won’t be our best friends but at list we will have a nice and fair relations with them. Consequently, all those things will bring happy neighbors – a nice society where everyone lives just fine and is satisfied by his life, in that particular point.

Derek for example, has that luck to live in a small neighborhood where all people who live there are good willing and they help each other in many situations which makes the living there quite pleasant. Also his nearest neighbors are very special people and a person should be very happy to have them for friends. However, those people have decided to open their business. They like to open a small restaurant, actually to turn their home into a restaurant, rearranging their own house.

Derek is quite happy because of all that, because he will have a wonderful restaurant so near, and he will have his closest neighbors as owners. Since those people are so nice and always willing to help, Derek likes to help them too, so he offers himself to help them with organizing things related with the space. Actually he will help cleaning the place where the restaurant will be placed, just before the official work starts.

You could also see what is going on there and help Derek and his neighbors make the place nice, including the restaurant that should be a special place for everyone there.

Happy Neighbors is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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