Gully Village

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Game Details

Gully VillageGully Village. Some may say village, like village – numerous small houses and fields with fruits and vegetables and yeas, that is the first description about the villages that comes to our mind but the first encounter with the village might be quite strange actually. Most of us live in some urban places or at least we work on that kind of a place – in a city where everyone rushes somewhere all the time, trying to catch the rhythm of the everyday happenings. We use numerous gadgets that help our living, iPhones, iPads, 3D televisions, and who knows what else while for some people just having water and electricity is the only necessary thing.

It is like that with the inhabitants of the village known as Gully. To be able to prepare their meals and see each others at night, maybe to watch some TV, to take a bath and drink water, and plus – minus, that’s all. The other part of the day they spend in nature, working some agricultural things or taking care of the farm and that’s it. This way of living is completely unknown for some people and it triggers surprise in them. That is the case with the guy included in our game, a tourist that comes first time in a village and finds everything strange and new but he is willing to know something more about the life of the villagers.

Gully Village. The game is divided into 5 interesting levels and in each level you have 10 hidden objects that need to be found, in order to progress in the game and get to its end. Have fun looking for the objects and enjoy the rural idyll.