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Guess the PainterGuess the Painter. History of arts know various different arts. If you don’t like surrealism, you might be excited by impressionism, and the great work of famous Van Gogh or Paul Cezanne. Or, maybe you have already heard about famous and contradictory cubism founder Pablo Picasso. Is there anyone who doesn’t know Leonardo Da Vinci and the one and only ‘Mona Lisa’. Those and many more authors are inspiring generations and generations of artists in the whole world.

Guess the Painter. Today we are offering you a quiz game from the hidden4fun team. This time we offer you five levels and in each of them a specific piece of art dominates from world famous painters. At the end of the level you will get the question if you know who is painter we are talking about in the level. We are offering three answers and if you answer correctly, you will continue the game. If not, you will replay the level. That rule you already know from our quiz games.