Guess the Holiday Game

Guess the Holiday Guess the Holiday. It is time to offer you a new challenge for you to check out your knowledge on some area. As Christmas holidays are coming nearby, we are getting close to a lot of holidays. But, in today game, we want to remind you of some of the best known international holidays that the world is celebrating. It is such a nice feeling when the whole world is connected in a way and celebrates the same day in a similar way. Take a look at the St.Valentine’s day, for instance. No matter how commercialized that holiday is, there is almost no heart in the world that doesn’t fall for the ambient of this saint. We celebrate love.

And on the same date, the Orthodox world celebrates the holiday of St.Trifun, the saint that is the protector of the wine, the vineyards… Or lets’ remember, the 8-th of March, the international Woman’s Day. The little hearts of the small girls and boys are bumping strongly for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts day. Flowers all over the streets, flower shops are full with various beautiful blossoming flowers. And the gift is no big thing. It is the attention that is very important. That big and strong hug that only children can give to you. That is priceless, isn’t it. There are various international holidays, that make people come together and enjoy life.

Guess the Holiday. This is one of the quiz games of Hidden4fun. In this game we offer you five levels that are connected to international holidays. After each level you will find a question connected to the holiday that is noted in the level, and if you answer correctly, you will continue the game, if not, you are going to replay the level. Now, concentrate well, give your best to remember the holidays and if not, than to learn new ones.

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