Guess the City Game

Guess the City Guess the City. We know that you love those hidden object games and you are completely addicted to them, and so are we, but let’s spice the things up for a little, with this modified version of a hidden object game or let’s call it a quiz hidden object game.

In this game you will practice your knowing of geography and culture at the same time. The thing is that each level of this interesting game includes a picture of some place in the world. In that picture is some landmark, a monument that represents that place so based on that picture you should guess the real name of the city where this object is located. The player should choose the answer he thinks is right from three given answers and he could move into the next level, only if he chooses the right answers. Don’t think that you were supposed to travel the world to guess those answers since it is about the objects that are really typical for those places and even if you are not familiar with the places, this is a perfect chance to learn something more about them including their beauties.

In case that you miss the right answer, the same level would be played again and you can’t move on, until the level is finished. Now concentrate well, try to notice the details and give all right answers.

Guess the City is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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