Guess the Animal Game

Guess the Animal Guess the Animal. OK, you see something not so typical when you open this game, but calm down, we won’t disappoint you at all, we promise! Again it is about a hidden object game but the things are jazz up a little, nothing complicated, just a little spice…

As you start the game, the principle of playing is same. You get a picture and there are objects given on a list that need to be found in that picture. You look for those objects since that is the condition for moving into the next level but besides that, you should pay attention to the animal that is included in the level. In each screen there is one different animal and after you finish the level by finding the animals, you get a question about the animals included in it, something like ‘which animal was included in the previous level’ or something similar. You get three offered answers so you have to choose the right one, so you can move on in the game.

If you guess the animal, you move into the new level that will give you another challenge but if you don’t manage to do that, you go back to the previous level and you play it again. If this happens, we recommend you to be more watchful this time and notice the animal because you won’t go any further if you don’t manage that.

Play Guess the Animal Game