Guardian Wolf Game

Guardian Wolf Guardian Wolf. There are numerous ways to handle a situation. Sometimes it is enough to think for a while, sometimes it is useful to consult a friend. But sometimes we need something more than that. Wizards and sorceresses are persons that practice magic and supernatural sources to deal with certain situations.

Starla is a sorceress from first range, if it could be said like that. She is really skilled in her job and she knows how to handle situations that include mystery and magic really well. This night, on a fool moon, Starla comes into one abandoned hut that has been kept by the wolves. The people that live in this place are really scared of this hut and its surroundings. In this place, on a full moon, the werewolves gather together in the hut and bring their loot. It is about the valuable objects that have been stolen from the local citizens. Yes, you heard well. Usually we hear stories about drinking blood and so but those werewolves steal as well.

The young sorceress is here with an aim to make a contact with the werewolves and try to take them the stolen valuable objects that belong to the citizens. The whole village will be rather thankful to Starla if she manages to bring them back their belongings but also they hope that she may bring them some calmness, dealing with the wolves.

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