Guardian of Time Game

Guardian of Time Guardian of Time. Valerie lives deep in the forest, in the tower of time. You may ask yourself what kind of a tower is this?! Well this seems like a regular tower but this tower hides the holy clock, the clock that moves the world. Valerie actually has a very responsible job as she is the guardian of the time; she keeps safe this clock and controls the time as it should be.

However, eternal youth and immortality is something that everyone has wished for sometime in life. But not all people are that persistent as the goblins that live near the tower. They always wanted to attack this clock and stop the time, thinking that this way they won’t become old and they will become immortal. Last night those goblins have made that step and attacked the time tower. They have also stolen few of its main parts but they were noticed by the other guardians of time, so while they were still in a run, they disperse all the parts all around.

Now, without those parts, the tower of time is not able to work properly and there is a risk of time confusion. Who knows what could happen without any control of past, present and future?! Valerie, together with Ronda and Oral, has to find the lost parts of the clock and place them on the right position so everything could continue functioning properly. It would be nice if we could help them and bring back the control over the time.

Guardian of Time is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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