Guardian of Egarna Game

Guardian of Egarna Guardian of Egarna. Have you ever heard or went to into the garden where egarna grows? Well, probably not, or at least you haven’t went there since it is about the one of the best kept gardens in the world. It is really wonderful garden where everything is so good arranged, the nature is amazing and there are so many interesting species that grow there, making the place magic. And of course, except those regular species, this is the place where egarna could be found.

That is why this garden is kept so well and you will soon see this incredible plant. The guardian will make a special tour with you and besides visiting the whole garden; you will see the special place where egarna is grown.

And this is the thing about egarna. The plant develops those amazing flowers and they produce magical fluid that is used for making the most expensive and most luxury perfumes in the whole world. People try to catch that scent but they simply can’t because this plant grows only in this garden. Since there were some tries to steal the plant, now this garden has its own guardian that keeps it safe. Tours are allowed but only with his presence. Let’s make the tour and see this precious flower.

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