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Greetings from MoahuGreetings from Moahu. Whenever an exotic island is been mentioned, a lot of people first get the picture of the turquoisе colored island where the legendary adventurous film ‘The Beach’ has been shot. We all envied Leondardo Di Caprio for his privilege to shoot a film on such location, which appeared to be somewhere in Thailand and really existing, not computer made one. Who wouldn’t want to go to a place where the best color on Earth mix together and you feel like it is you, the nature and you nothing more, maybe your beloved person next to you, off course.

And now, imagine you get to go to a place where not a lot of people have been because it is pretty far, it has a bad conditions how to get to it, you get to be the explorer. Isn’t that a privilege? Off course, nature brings danger if one don’t follow her rules. You go there, it is only you and the love of your life and you get to stay there aslong as you want. Sounds irresistible, isn’t? In a similar situation we place our heroes in our game.

Greetings from Moahu. Connie is an ordinary girl that very often enjoys participating in games and quiz and awarding games. This time she is very much interested in the award that a telephone company has offered, and that is a summer vacation spent on the far and unknown island Moahu. Connie has started participating in the game and for a big pleasure, she has been selected to be the happy winner of the adventurous trip. Connie is going to be the first tourist of Moahu and she will have to report for her happenings there. She will write her reports on the internet-blog “Greetings from Moahu”. Our player has the role of her friend who will help her in the research of this unknown and attractive island.