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Great Journey Asia Great Journey Asia. Travelling is one of the best experiences that one can afford to himself. Each voyage changes you a bit, and a person that travels a lot and in different areas and environments is a rich person, like they say for those who know a lot of languages. What is so mystic about travelling and how it happens that it is very important experience? Whenever one travels, faces with new people, new lifestyles, new nature, if you want more and new rules and new games and rules. You allow yourself to be surprised by what you didn’t know before and you have the chance to understand that there are so many different ways to live, to be creative, to raise your children, to cook, if you want… Those are the things that make you a new, better and richer person.

And travelling usually goes inevitably along with taking pictures. The better camera and an eye for photography you have, the better photographs you are going to make. And after some time, the only thing that will stay alive are the memories of the place you have been. And when you look at the pictures you have made ten years ago. Some detail of it will remind you about the experience you had. Sometimes it is a smell, sometimes it is some food or a music you have listened.

Nicole is professional photographer and her big wish is to go travel the world with her camera i to take the best pictures possible. Her journey starts in Asia because she finds Asian nature and locations the best basis for her photographs. Beside the photographing, Nicole wants to meet the local inhabitants and to find out more about their way of life. No matter how lovely and adventurous this mission is, this is an exhausting mission for our ‘Dora’ and here is where our player can help her. We are not giving you a hard time today, aren’t we?

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