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Grandma’s Place

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Grandma's PlaceGrandma’s Place. If you have grown with a dear and nice grand mother that loved and cared for you, than you know what a favorite grand mother means. We remember a lot of people that have passed through our lives, but, very few of them leave the right traces in our hearts and minds. That is certainly the deal with grandmothers. And we are pretty sad and broken when they live the face of the earth. A good grandmother or grandfather can be a great alley in everything you do, mostly while you are a child, because, grandparents usually have more time for you then your parents do.

And, that is normal thing. Parents are running all the time to chase the time and money and trying to achieve the best they can, so their children would be satisfied and have a light future. Maybe we love our grandparents more because they are simply closer to us, they don’t bother us with too many rules, they give us the food we love, very often even secretly so our parents won’t notice. And off course, a grandparent can’t be as severe as a parent, his/her function isn’t that, actually.

Grandma’s Place. In the first game in the new year, we are representing you Carly and her younger sister adore her grandmother. The time they spent at her place makes them more then happy. During each visit she is cooking the tastiest meals which are their favorites. This weekend Carly is preparing a surprise for her sister, due to her graduation, and the party is right at her grandmothers place. The secret about the party , off course, is between Carly and her grandmother. That’s why Carly visited her beloved granny few days earlier and with their joint forces, they prepared the surprise for Carly’s younger sister. Carly arranges and decorates the house in the taste of the celebrator.