Grandfather’s Barn

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Game Details

Grandfathers BarnGrandfather’s Barn. Well, enough from civilization, we are taking you to one amazing farm, in a village that is located far away from here. By that, and by forgetting about your everyday problems and responsibilities, at least for the duration of the game, you will manage to relax completely and have strength for the rest of the day.

The action of the game takes place on that amazing farm. The grandson lives in the city while his grandfather on that farm. The grandfather has to go to the doctor because he has scheduled some examination and someone should take care for the farm. Maybe he hasn’t any experience in this, but the grandson accepts the offer with great enthusiasm, hoping that he would be good at the job and finish his responsibility good. The farm includes a field with some herbs and fruits and a barn with many animals. His responsibilities will be to fed the animals, clean the place where they say, then clean the whole barn, take some care of the plants, maybe do some digging and watering – to make sure that everything is all right when the grandfather comes home.

The game is consisted of levels and each one of those levels is a different part on the farm and the barn. Enjoy your stay there and make sure that you finish your job good, as well.

Grandfather’s Barn is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.