Goldhill Castle Game

Goldhill Castle Goldhill Castle. The castle Goldhill has got its name by the famous golden hill. The castle is actually built on this hill and it is about a very old castle with quite rich history. It was here since the time of the Crusades and it was a target of numerous attacks because there were talks that there is a lot of gold and many golden objects in that castle.

The captain that lived in this castle was very powerful man with great army but however, he was really scared that his castle could be conquered, so he has hidden the precious objects very good so no one could find them. Time was passing and the captain managed to keep the castle safe so no one conquer it in that time, but after many and many years, the castle stayed without anyone living there. The castle may be empty, without people but it is not empty at all because all those precious objects stayed there, hidden well in the rooms of the castle.

This game is actually a visit of the famous Goldhill Castle. All through your visit you will have to look for the objects that are hiding there. Each level of the game is a different part of the castle so try to find all objects from the list because that way you will be able to move into the next level, then the next one and so one, until you complete the whole game.

Goldhill Castle is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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