Goldfield Story Game

Goldfield Story Goldfield Story. You may never heard about this place known as Goldfield, but it was actually a boomtown in the first decade of the 20th century because of the discovery of gold – between 1903 and 1940, when Goldfield’s mines produced more than $86 million. Today it’s more about a semi – abandoned ghost town with a resident population of about 268 at the 2010. The town was destroyed to a great extent by a fire in 1923, even though several buildings survived and remain today. Gold exploration still keeps on in and around the town today which means that the reserves are not yet exhausted.

When it comes about our story, this is the sheriff Henry who has arrived at the abandoned mine city. The reason for his visit are the bandits that he arrested yesterday, who stole the most precious diamond in the state of Texas. Those criminals don’t like to tell where they hid the precious diamond so the sheriff will have to explore the things little bit more and discover what was going on the last night, following traces and indications that will help him figure things out. We are not talking about an easy job so the sheriff needs your help.

The stolen diamond is known by the name ‘Western Start’ just like in Agatha Christie’s novels, and this mission will ask from you to be prepared on anything. Be detailed in your search and pay attention to every hidden or obvious circumstances and we are sure that you will find the diamond together with the sheriff.

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