Golden Rules of Cleaning

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Golden Rules of CleaningGolden Rules of Cleaning. Cleaning very often isn’t the most interesting thing one should do during a weekend. You would agree that there can be a lot more intriguing things to do during the two free days of the weekend. Like, go for a walk, have a coffee with friends or go for a lunch, or to a cinema to see the new movie theaters hit. But, sometimes, we all have to ‘risk’ one nice weekend, to dedicate some time to the apartment or the house you are living. Because, everyday life is giving us a lot of obligations, we wake up in the morning, create a real mess in the house, with all the clothes outside, and we don’t have enough time and maybe nerves and energy to clean up every day.

And the best thing is to afford yourself a good cleaning from some cleaning lady, have enough to pay her and enjoy the weekend. And if one has children, especially a family with more than one or two children, then, mess is your second name. Just when you think that you got it all clean and the objects and things at home are going to stay where you have put them, then you are mistaking big.

Golden Rules of Cleaning. The woman that inspired us for this game is actually such a mother and she wants to take care of her house better. Ruth is mother of four children and her everyday preoccupation are exactly they. She literally takes care of her children, every single day of their lives. And, cleaning the house is the biggest problem for Ruth. She believes that good hygiene is half a health, and very often she cleans up her children’s rooms. For this weekend, Ruth is planing general cleaning of her home, that is why she decided to send her children over their grand mothers’. She calls for help for her friend (that would be our player) and together they start Ruth’s house cleaning.