Golden Rain Game

Golden Rain Golden Rain. Yes, this game has the name ‘golden rain’ but we are not going to reveal you some secrets about where this rain could be seen. We are talking about something that can’t be bought with money, something really amazing that could be seen only once a year, on a special place.

Meet Shirley. She is a girl that really loves the nature and enjoys every natural phenomenon that could be seen. She is prepared to go somewhere, to travel, just to see something that is unique and beautiful. This time she has found out by her friend that in her native village that is located high in the mountains, once a year there is a natural phenomena happening. This phenomenon characterizes by unusual colors. Actually the colors of the sunset unite with the rain and there is a sensation that the rain actually has golden color. This is a really rare phenomenon that happens only in this village but Shirley didn’t know before that there is something like that happening in her village. Now she decides to visit her village and be a witness of this rare natural phenomenon.

Let’s be a company to Shirley and see what is that special in this rare occurrence, perhaps you will also wish to visit this incredible place and enjoy the incredible view.

Golden Rain is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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