Golden Civilization Game

Golden Civilization Golden Civilization. As you probably know, the famous Maya civilization is a Mesoamerican civilization, noted for Maya script. That is actually the only known fully developed writing system of the pre-Columbian Americas what is very important. They are also known for its art, architecture, and mathematical and astronomical systems. Every new discovery about them is very important because it is a testimony about a really advanced and unique civilization. Much more advanced than the rest. That’s why the territory where they lived is visited by numerous scientists, always looking for something more about its culture and the life of the Mayas in general.

In this game you will meet Juanita who is a professional photograph and an archeologist. She is a free lancer and she always like to learn and see something new, without being bounded to some particular duty. One day, all of a sudden, when she was taking pictures of the nature, she has discovered something really special. Believe it or not, she bumped into ruins from the famous Maya civilization, some buildings that weren’t discovered before. Even though she wasn’t looking for them at the moment, this discovery is huge and very important for an archeologist like her.

Juanita is very excited by her discovery so starts a detailed investigation right away. She likes to explore each spot of this place and take picture of every place and every object that seems important for the discovery. Let’s take a look together at this incredible place and learn something more about the amazing civilization of the Mayas.

Golden Civilization is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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