Goblin Garden Game

Goblin Garden Goblin Garden. Goblins, have you heard about them? It is about legendary evil or mischievous creatures, a grotesquely evil or evil-like phantom usually described as small, occasionally just a few inches tall, occasionally a size of a dwarf. Goblins are credited with different (sometimes even contradictory) abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on the story and country of origin, often supposed to own various magical abilities, very greedy and amazed by a lot of money. Often they have been classified as constantly annoying little creatures rather related to the brownie and gnome.

In the famous game Warcraft goblins are described as small, green (or yellow-green) creatures with pointy features and high intelligence (often with little common sense), having a great interest in commerce and a strong curiosity about mechanical things but they are also included in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings where they are referred to as orks, again described as big, ugly creatures, ‘cruel, wicked, and bad-hearted.’

So that’s what we are talking about this time, about those strange, ugly and evil creatures. Goblins generally live in mystic forests and they try not to be seen by anyone, especially men. The following game is actually about the garden where they live. They don’t leave anyone get there, or conquer it or somehow change it… But enough talking, lets enter into this goblin garden and see what is hiding there. We hope that they won’t see us…

Goblin Garden is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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