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Ghost ShelterGhost Shelter. If you are a fan of ghosts stories that haunt houses with decades and make people be afraid to go home, than, we are definitely going to be your choice for today. There are people who believe that if someone else lived there before and especially if someone died in that house, that his/her spirit will stay there and it will haunt the new hosts. For those who doesn’t believe this, it can only be funny and an inspiration for a good fiction story. The questions of the haunted houses is interesting for the parapsychologists. They usually believe that haunted houses are the shelter of spirits of dead people who have lost their lives violently.It is funny to know that ten years ago, there was a research in which 37 percent of Americans, 28 percent of Canadians and 40 percent of Britons answered that they believe a house can really be haunted. We are talking about a big number of believers here, don’t we?

No matter if you belong to one of these groups, now it’s time to have some fun. Johnson family’s house is almost devastated and abandoned because no one ever wants to live in it. More than ten years ago Johnson family left the house because it was haunted by ghosts. They tried to do anything to remove the ghosts from the house, but that wasn’t a success. They made such a mistake that even more ghosts have come to live in the house and they found their shelter there.

Ghost Shelter. The main character in the game is the ghost Nancy, and our player has the role of someone who could communicate with ghosts. He/she comes to visit their shelter. Johnson’s son has engaged him wanting to convince the spirits that he would look for another shelter, if only they would live the accurate place. Try to improve your communication skills and to persuade the ghosts to go home.