Ghost from the Hills Game

Ghost from the Hills Ghost from the Hills Game: Step back in time to 1902 in a quiet little town in Arizona. Things get even creepier. These spirits like to get physical with the living; there are many reports of people being touched, as is the many reports from people claiming to have been pushed from behind when no one was there. Tombstone has lots of residence ghosts located all over this little town. No one really knows who these hill ghosts are or how many of them there are, but one thing is for sure, you wouldn’t want to be locked in here over night. Ethan is the only one in the town who can see them. He owns a pair of glasses that, amazingly, enable the wearer to see ghosts.

He wants to gain their trust and build friendly relations with them. The more trust they build with him, the easier will be for Ethan to explain them that the people who live in Tombstone don’t mean any harm and that they should stop scaring them. Escape to the ghosts with Ethan and lead them to their path to freedom. You can play Ghost from the Hills game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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