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Gardening Tips Gardening Tips. Staying close to the nature is something we ought to do. That is almost an imperative today. Because due to all the technologies, devices and gadgets we use in our everyday life. We forget that we are the creatures part of the nature and we should never forget that. And if we want to runaway from it, and yes, we do that due to our alienation from the nature, than we are in big trouble. Because it is clear that no one can escape its’ own nature. Spending time on some field, in the woods, or on a mountain, that gives us such an energy, and that surely has a reason for that.

They say people that grow plants, that work on the land, that agriculture land, are healthier, live longer. Though they are very often tired from the digging and all the processes needed for something to be produced. For those who are interested in growing plants. They have felt the beauty of collected fruits and vegetables of own production, and their special taste and look. You know that they are perfect for you children, for yourself, and not polluted with some chemistry in the mass production.

The hero of our game today is a person that loves nature and loves spending time in her garden. She has done that in years and she already feels exhausted and without enough power to work anymore. That’s why she needs your help for that, she wants you around so you can help her, but she can help you, too. Isidora has a lots of knowledge about gardening. And she has a beautiful Greenhouse where many different plants grow, but she has less energy now as she gets older. Help her out, and she will teach you the most important things about gardening. Good luck!

Gardening Tips is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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