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Frozen GemsFrozen Gems. You have probably heard about Antarctica. It is the southernmost continent on the Earth, containing the geographic South Pole. Antarctica is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere, nearly totally south of the Antarctic Circle, and is bordered by the Southern Ocean. It is on average, the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, in the world but however, there are people that live there, usually those who are willing to do some exploration or that are brave enough and prepared to survive under those conditions.

Catharina for example, is a girl that has grown up in Antarctica. Her father was a famous explorer of that region so she spent the most of her childhood listening stories about the place and experiencing the life of a great explorer, even if she didn’t take part in those explorations by her own. One of the stories that Catharina heard from her father was about a certain valley that was full of precious germs. This valley was a great passion for her father since he was trying all the time to discover the exact location of that place, but he didn’t successes. However, he left many notes about the place, about the stories that he has heard and the explorations that he has done so everything is ready someone else to take his steps and start searching for the games.

Since Catharina is completely into Antarctica she has decided to step up from the role of a companion and become an explorer by herself, continuing the quest for the frozen precious gems that are hiding somewhere in the valley.