Frozen Adventure

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Frozen AdventureFrozen Adventure. And as some people are able to stay on the same place forever, to stand safe no matter what, in their safe zone, without taking any risks at all, other people choose exactly the opposite. For some people the stability of everyday life is boring and it is not appreciated so they taking some actions that could look even strange for ordinary people.

For example Anthony. Ne is type of a person that doesn’t like to stay still and considers safety to be overrated. That’s why he turns himself into all kinds of adventures every day and this time his restless spirit has taken him into one of the coldest forests on earth. And if you are asking yourself what he is doing in that place, the answer will also be strange for many – he is looking for the last blue diamond.

There is information saying that those diamonds are very rare and can be found on just few places, at the moment only in this forest. Anthony is prepared to do what it takes, just for get to that diamond, without thinking about the possible danger that follows this act. Seems that this guy is not aware of the complicated circumstances so he would need a little help as well, so he could find the place more easily and faster because too many hours in that forest could mean freezing…