French Village Romance Game

French Village RomanceFrench Village Romance. Have you ever been to France dear friend? This country is the largest country in Europe, if we don’t count Ukraine and Russia, and it has a lot of to offer. You have probably heard a lot of about the French cuisine, about the incredible French vines, and mostly about the art. 1200 is the number of museums that are located in this country where every year more than 50 million people come to visit them. Louvre is the most famous museum in France that is located in Paris and there the enormously famous painting of Mona Liza. But France is also known as very romantic country where people celebrate love a lot!

Some statistics say that people in France even kiss the most, and it wouldn’t be so surprising since that is the place where French kiss is invented. And the final part are the instructions. There is nothing to worry about in this part. Just observe the whole scene and once you spot an object, point at it using the mouse cursor and click on it to select it. Actually you activate the hints on the same way, clicking at the hint button this time. If you a guy that doesn’t prefer playing with a mouse, you can play the game on your touchpad, simply using your fingers. We hope that you will really enjoy your visit to France.

French Village Romance is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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