Frank’s Old Farm Game

Frank's Old Farm Frank’s Old Farm. Living on a farm is such a nice thing. Some people find it very hard living and working there and prefer more living in the city while for other people the heaven on earth is living on some quiet place, far from the city noise, taking care for fruits and animals. Frank is a living proof that people can be very happy if they live on a farm. He always says that he could not imagine his life on some other place and same goes for his family too. They all live there for their whole life and they are very satisfied with the life they have.

The reporters from the local TV station have decided to make a TV program that speaks about the life on the farm. They wanted to explore what are people who live on the farm think. Are they happy or not with their life or they imagine living on some other place, doing something else. They have chosen Frank and his family for this reportage. So they are at their property at the moment, making the reportage.

This game will be a very nice chance to see what is going on this farm. How are people living there, what are their problems and the advantages of the life there. Let’s make a tour together with Frank and enjoy the beauties of the nature.

Frank’s Old Farm is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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