Fountain of Longevity Game

Fountain of LongevityFountain of Longevity. Longevity is something that perhaps all people dream of. And most of us try to get that by living healthy life and doing good things but also there are some obsessive people that stubbornly look for something that could give them long life, even eternity. Examples could be found in the mythology but also in the regular fairy tales where some persons are able to do everything to get to the elixir of youth. Usually this search ends up with pact with the devil, and nothing could be good in those circumstances However, lets stick to our game. Here is again about eternity or lets say longevity but we don’t have some desperate character that is able to do anything to get that longevity. It is about a fountain that is supposedly is located near one small city.

The legends say that this fountain will give longevity to the ones that drink from it. Your task will be to look over the city and find this fountain. Your search will begin from the local pharmacy and it will go through the streets of this small city. We truly hope that you will manage to finish this quest, find the fountain of longevity and tell us if it really works!

Fountain of Longevity is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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