Fortune Teller Game

Fortune Teller Fortune Teller. Fortune telling is a practice of predicting the future, predicting information about some people’s life. And from one side there are people that like to know the future and are amazed by oracles and ladies with Crystal balls that see the future in it, other people are horrified by all of that, not believing that there is even a chance that prediction to be true. However, usually some unwanted happening is the turnover when people start looking answers for their troubles.

Without having any other solution for these problems they look for an answer in paranormal things and fortune telling is one of the options. In one small gipsy village lives a woman that is believed to be very skilled in predicting the destiny. Except that she knows what will happen in the future, she is also skillful in discovering lost objects including discovering places where some treasures are hidden. One day she is visited by one very respectable man.

He has a problem that can’t be solved on any other way except this… His grandfather is late but when he was still alive, he has buried a great amount of gold somewhere, but no one knows where that place is. The fortune teller sends the man deep into the forest where he will supposedly find that great treasure. Let’s see if the fortune teller was wrong or not.

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