Forsaken Mines Game

Forsaken Mines Forsaken Mines. Meet this interesting fellow that is actually the main character in our today’s game. You may know Indiana Jones and all books and movies about him but Raymond is a modern version of the great adventurist, real Indiana Jones of the modern times. Raymond’s dedication is same as Indiana Jones – he is a person that is never tired when it comes about finding some new artifacts that lead to revealing some new mystery. He has found many lost artifacts and the people in his field know him as a very persistent person, someone that always looks for a new adventure, traveling in many different parts of the world.

Today Raymond has arrived in Jacob City, the place where is located the famous mine Tuego. The legend about this place says that there are exactly 21 tunnels in the place and it is very easy to lose yourself there because all of them are similar one to another and you simply can’t find the right one. Raymond is at the place this time because he knows that somewhere near, in one of those tunnels is hidden a great amount of diamonds. Many years ago the mine diggers have dig this treasure but they didn’t like to share it with anyone so they hide it really well so no one could not find it for so many years.

However, Raymond managed to find a trace, to find some maps that could lead him to the place and now he is trying to solve the great mystery about those forsaken mines. Let’s see what is going on at the place and help Raymond find the gold.

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