Forsaken Gems Game

Forsaken Gems Forsaken Gems. Once upon a time, somewhere in this world, when different forces ruled the Earth, there was one bad wizard. He was really bad but at the same time he was very powerful so he could do whatever he imagine, without any difficulty. And when the evil doesn’t have limits, that could be quite unpleasant… This evil wizard has cursed a whole village to serve him, to give and do for him everything that he wants. You could imagine what did that mean. All people that lived in the village brought him their valuable things, everything that he wanted! He didn’t have to go to their homes; they will simply come to its territory, and bring him everything!

There was just one young man that was actually immune to his curses. No one could explain how that happen but the fact was that he was the only one that could do something in order to save the village. This young man has a mission to get secretly into the wizard’s territory and bring all the treasure to the other villagers, without being noticed. This would be very hard mission but since there is no one other that could do something like that, it is his moral duty to take the things to his hands and help the village.

Once again have in mind that this game has a new game play, little bit different from most of our games. There are 12 levels plus 2 bonus games. There are 4 ways of playing the game but also there is also one huge surprise – The wheel of fortune, a chance to open new possibilities of the game.

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