Forest of Wonders Game

Forest of Wonders Forest of Wonders. What about some mystery for the day. Why won’t we add some unknown story in the everyday life? At least, in games we can do so, can’t we? We are introducing you to another brave girl the hero of the day. She is called Arya. She is not afraid of anything and decides to enter deeply in the forest of wonders.

This forest is the most mystical place on Earth and it is very uncommon for someone to sort out of it alive. The forest sylphs make every lost voyager to be under a spell and mixed-up. Arya is here with one purpose – to find the magical objects that are situated in this forest. These objects can help fight the evil prince Arthur. He wants to reign the kingdom with bad manners, by cheating and fighting with everyone around.

And we are assured that the good will always win the bad, but the more we are of that energy, the better for the world would be. Girls and women are very often brave in our little stories, no matter if they are mysteries or romantic stories where the girl should make the step to win over the boy she loves, or even when we have a country girl who wants go create perfect conditions for her animals on the farm. So, meet Arya and help her be the hero of the day.

Forest of Wonders is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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