Forest of Magical Creatures Game

Forest of Magical Creatures Forest of Magical Creatures Game: What about some mystery for today? Fantasy is never enough when we want to escape the everyday life and to enter some another world. Sometimes we want to put ourselves on another level and not think of the boring things and become some fiction characters. Imagine we can travel through time and space, go where we love, see how was life, was it much better than our time. Because people tend to think that only today the problems exist. And some other time and place were the perfect for living.

Magic is what we all need. Why not try to convince ourselves that it is real, sometimes. Stories that have magical creatures are those who teach us something nice. Each creature has its purpose why was invented and given personal character.

Sorcerer Alatar and the fairy lady Grace are situated in the forest of the magical creatures. They have arrived here together with their friends and they need to find the more magical objects needed. Because sorcerer Alatar needs them for his magical potions. Now it is your time to make a step, to help these dedicated sorcerers get the best magical objects so they will create the perfect potions. Enjoy and have fun in playing Forest of Magical Creatures Game.

Play Forest of Magical Creatures Game