Forbidden Territory Game

Forbidden Territory Forbidden Territory. There is a cottage that belongs to the evil vampire, located deep in the woods. This place is a forbidden territory for the local inhabitants and all of them are quite scared of that, thinking that something unpredicted could happen because it’s about a vampire… Until today, no one did have a courage to enter into that forbidden territory and face the evil vampire but also there were people whose job was to fight vampires in that time. They were brave people who faced evil on a daily basis so today our brave hero enters the place for the first time. There are different items that could be used for fighting vampires but he works with mirrors. He has to find that special magic mirror and ask the vampire to look himself at the mirror.

That would be a solution of all problems; he will run away and never come back. That will make the cottage a safe place again and people could additionally walk there as well. Let’s help our hero find this magic mirror and help the inhabitants of that place, get rid of the vampires.

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