Focus and Find Game

Focus and FindFocus and Find. There is an important reason why this game is called like this. This is a hidden object game, and as you probably know, if you have played these types of games before, and I am sure you have, the aim of such games is to find objects which are lost or hidden somewhere. Sometimes you have a limited amount of time to find the items, but other times you have all the time in the world. And no matter what the case, there is one thing which is very important and crucial for this game, and that is your focus.

You must be very focused and have the game, and the game only on your mind, this is the only way to successfully play it. So, let us see if you are focused enough!? As for the instructions, there are not some complicated things you need to remember.

The most important one is that you will need your mouse in order to click on the objects you find, so that they can disappear from the picture. The list with items for you to find is shown on the bottom of your screen, and there you can also find your current score. For each item from the list you find, you will get points. Be careful not to click on items which are not on the list, for they will decrease your score. Now if you are focused and concentrated, you are ready to start the game. Good luck!

Focus and Find is one of the hidden object games on Hidden4Fun.

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