Five Wishes

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Five WishesFive Wishes. Karla has spent big part of her childhood in the house of her aunt who was taking care of her during that period so there are numerous memories related with the house and the place. This period of Karla’s life is something she always remembers and recalls when she feels that a lot of time has passed and everything has changed during the years. Except regular playing around and having wonderful time with her aunt, Karla also made a list of wishes, a bucket list with things that she aims to do during her life. Her heart and mind were full of inspiration in that time so there are many interesting things that can be found on the bucket list.

However, this bucket list is not complete so Karla plans to add few more things in it, related to her wishes and that’s why she likes to come back to her aunt’s house and complete the list there. There are also five wishes from the list that are related to this place and this could be a chance to complete them and move on.

Karla will visit her aunt this weekend and she feels quite excited about it. She can’t wait to complete the list but also she is very happy that she will see that place again, the place that is related to numerous childhood memories. Let’s take this journey together and help Karla finish her bucket list, we are sure that it would be an interesting thing to do for you as well.