Find the Books

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Find the BooksFind the Books. Yeah right, we go to the library and everything is set in this perfect order, following the titles of the books, or the names of the authors, the genre of the book, in some cases the key words included in the books and so on – everything to make the search more available to the reader. But can you imagine the work of the librarians, making everything to look just like this?

The books can’t arrange by their own, there has to be someone that makes that perfect order, and just remember that this order destroys with every book removed from its place, and every day new books are taken, the other books come back… Actually that is quite a procedure; even we are completely unaware about that at first place. However, but that’s why is here the today’s game that will take us to the library and make us do some books arranging.

We are at the library, and there are numerous shelves there, full of books. But in those books we have to find only some particular books that are so well hidden between the other books. In each level you will get a list of those books that need to be found and try to find all of them because only like that you could move into the next level, and consequently, finish the whole game. Since it is all about books, try to concentrate better in searching because at first sight they may all look same.

Find the Books is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.