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Find and CleanFind and Clean. For some women, weekend means time for a walk, for a friendly gatherings and parties, others care to spend more time with family, or go in parks or at the closest mountain and breathe some air. And for a lot of women, weekend actually is the best time to clean up the house! To bring the house in order again, because during the working days in the week, they don’t have neither time, neither will to do that boring, but must do activity. And, of course, the best situation have those women that can afford and pay another person to clean them up. Everybody would envy them. They say, as much people there are no Earth that much different characters there exist. What seems to be funny or weird for one, is totally normal for others. The same goes with the cleaning question. And when a woman is a housewife, very often men don’t admit how much work is that to be finished, and they can say – oh, what did you do a whole day long.

This game is dedicated to those who actually enjoy the cleaning. Evelyn has decided to stay at home for the weekend. There is no running away from her own house, because it’s cleaning time. The bigger part of the things that should be cleaned is already finished. Now, it’s time for the small, tinny objects that are thrown all away and it takes a lot of time and patience to be found. No matter how strange it seem to be, but Evelyn loves this part of the cleaning the most. She wants to find the hidden objects in her house. For her, this is not a classical cleaning, but a sort of fun.

Allow Evelyn to inspire you and give a new dimension of the cleaning process, when you would do it at home, for real.

Find and Clean is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.