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Fields Of GoldFields Of Gold. There are characteristics of a human being that have always been counted a virtue and which will always stay at the highest level of personal accomplishments. These characteristics are gratitude and the ability to show respect and honor to the people who have been there for us and who have molded us in good persons and hard – working professionals. During our lifetime we gain an enormous immeasurable amount of knowledge and we become conscious about a lot of things just because we have had someone to hold our hand and guide us through the secrets of life. Such people in our lives are our teachers whom we should be thankful to.

Fields Of Gold. Since the time he became aware of his talent to understand nature and of his ability to connect with nature, Hudson is fond of working in the field. But, he has always had in mind that the love for the farm life and the competences he has acquired are a result of the dedicated and devoted efforts of his mentor – Jeremy. Jeremy, on the other hand, is happy that he has shared his knowledge and wits with a hard – working fellow who has passion and love for his farmer’s way of life. But, as time goes by, Jeremy realizes that he is getting older and he is not capable of planting his grain fields anymore. What calms him down is the fact that Hudson has never given up on him and that Hudson is here to help him accomplish his yearly task which is of substantial importance for his well being.

Bearing in mind that Hudson wants to perform at his best potential in front of his teacher, he needs a companion, someone who is ready to fully get in and finish the job faultlessly. This companion Hudson works with is actually our player who will both contribute to the field work and will experience great pleasure in discovering the secrets from the farmer’s lives.