Festival of Souls Game

Festival of Souls Festival of Souls. There are numerous stories about haunted houses but usually they are just stories not something that has happened to someone who is close with us. However, those stories usually talk about certain late persons whose souls could not leave this world because of an unfinished job. They stay here between us and wait for someone who could help them finish their mission and make the step into the other world.

Few days ago Heather has met her old friend Bruce. Heather is a witness of one very unusual situation and everything started when Bruce asked her to come on a masquerade in his house. Heather is not that much into masks and so but because she hasn’t seen him for few years, she decided to answer the invitation.

Heather has arrived at Bruce’s house. She is at the right address but there is no one in the house. What could that mean? She is little bit scared and she is wondering why would Bruce invite her on a party if there is no one there?! Heather likes to leave the place but her curiosity makes her decide to stay. She decides to take a look around the place and explore it in detail. However, very soon Heather finds out that this house is actually full of ghosts! This is rather scary discovery and what does that mean? Maybe this is just a bad joke or maybe Bruce is also a ghost?! Let’s play this game and see what will happen. Perhaps we could help Heather too because who knows what is expecting her in this house.

Festival of Souls is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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